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Complex Care

First Rate Home Healthcare are experts at providing individuals with complex medical needs exceptional care at home. People who are receiving complex home care typically have substantial and on-going healthcare needs as a result of chronic illness, disabilities or following hospital treatment. When someone needs to receive complex medical care, most believe the only place this can be provided is in a hospital or care home setting. Our nurses and carers are specially selected and trained to ensure they can meet and exceed all care requirements of your loved one.

We offer support with complex medical needs, and our registered nurses and care assistants provide a one-to-one care service enabling complex care clients to remain in their own homes with dignity and independence. Our specialist complex care services are entirely flexible. We can provide short visits, full-time care and a level of care that is anywhere in between.

As part of our nursing care service, we assess care needs and plan the care and support required. We continually monitor and evaluate outcomes, so the care provided meets changing needs.

Our Approach to Complex Care

Our service is nurse-led and carers are trained to provide care and support for complex, terminal and other medical conditions that impact how you live your life. We have extensive experience caring for a wide variety of conditions and disabilities, including the following:

  • Oxygen delivery and suctioning
  • Acquired brain injury care
  • Spinal injury care
  • Ventilator dependency care
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Catheter care and stoma care
  • NGT/PEG/gastrostomy management
  • Continuous/intermittent pump feeding
  • Mental health conditions care
  • Neurological conditions care
  • Parkinson’s care
  • Multiple sclerosis care
  • Cerebral palsy care
  • Stroke recovery care

We will also work collaboratively with local authority partners, NHS services, therapists and other community bodies to ensure that our support fits in perfectly with the overall healthcare you are receiving.


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