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End of Life Care

Passing away peacefully, with dignity and within familiar surroundings, is what many of us would wish for. End-of-life care with First Rate Home Healthcare allows your loved one – to do just this, in the place they feel most comfortable and safe.

Our specially trained nurses and carers are experts at maintaining you loved ones comfort, privacy and dignity at this most challenging of times.

End of Life care can last for days, or even months leading up to the passing of your loved one. It can help with many tasks and even complex needs such as: Personal care, administering medication, companionship, and ongoing emotional support for your loved one and family involved

There are many options for end-of-life support at home. Most importantly, a personalised care package is created that is completely unique to you or your loved one’s needs, with an expertly trained carer who you feel most comfortable with.

The options for end-of-life care at home include:

  • Live-in care for end of life
  • Home visits at set times
  • Overnight end of life care at home
  • Emergency care at home

Our Approach to End of Life Care

  • Support with toileting, including changing continence pads or using a commode
  • Mobility support, such as help moving position in bed and help with standing or sitting – and using hoists when required
  • Administering or prompting medication, and supporting with pain management
  • Domestic support and housekeeping duties
  • Preparing meals and snacks to taste and dietary requirements
  • Complex care such as support with catheters, stomas and PEG feeding
  • Ongoing companionship and emotional support

We understand that it’s an incredibly tough time, and we believe that reliable and trusted support at an emotional time to a loved-one when their life is almost at an end is crucial. Let First Rate Home Healthcare be that support, so family and loved ones can make the most of the precious time together.


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